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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Whiteness and Donald Trump

Last night, I went to bed after 1:00 AM.  The election had not yet been called for Trump, though it was looking pretty good by then.  It is now about 3:00 PM, or 15:00, which is to say, around fourteen hours later.  And there already seems to be a coalescing in the media about what caused Donald Trump to win the election.  It was whiteness.

Seriously.  Though the GOP has run white, male presidential candidates in every election since Abraham Lincoln, and though we lost the last two elections by running white men against the only half-white Barack Obama, this particular election was won by Donald Trump because of 'whiteness'.  If you disagree or, if, like any normal person who thinks about it for even a moment, you cannot quite figure out what the hell that even means, then, well, it’s probably because you are simply irredeemably racist.

This is what the Left has decided is the great lesson learned from the election of a loud, brazen, non-political amateur to the most powerful political office in the history of humanity.  The reason a 71 year-old rookie defeated the other party, half of his own party, most of the non-law-enforcement federal civil service, Wall Street, the Western media, the American academy, and all right-thinking people everywhere is that he is white.  As also, incidentally, was his opponent.

The imbecility on display here is too depressing for more words.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

This won't end well.

Lefty and pro-illegal alien (but I repeat myself) thugs attacked supporters of Donald Trump at a Trump rally in San Jose the other day.

Reportedly, the police didn’t intervene.  Much of the press doesn’t seem to be very upset about it.  This sort of thing cannot go on.  So it won’t.  It’s going to be interesting to see how spectacular it gets just before it stops.

As Kurt Schlichter sometimes points out: and in completely unrelated news, another 60,000 firearms were sold in America today.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Nihilism isn't holding up Trump, Professor Hanson

Why do the angry white poor and working class support the unlikely populist Donald Trump — a spoiled bully who made and lost fortunes in part by gaming the system, who seems to take gratuitous rudeness and cruelty as a birthright, whose lifestyle is symptomatic of American excess, and who for the last half-century has embraced no ideology other than Trump, Inc.? 
Perhaps it’s because Trump is a phantasm. He is not a flesh-and-blood candidate judged as crude or acceptable on the basis of the usual criteria. His attraction rests on about 100 sound bites over the last year that shattered taboos and attacked elite sacred cows, in a manner that no candidate has done in the past — or is likely to do in the future. Trumpism is nihilism.
You should read the whole thing but I don’t think Hanson (whose work I like very much) quite gets Trump even now.  Or maybe he just doesn’t realize how important those "100 sound bites" are to millions of Americans.  And I certainly don’t agree with the last sentence in the quote.  Yes, Trump supporters are angry, even furious.  I agree some of them seem kind of nuts.  (On the other hand, it’s on-line politics in 2016, and lots of people seem kind of nuts.)

I wonder if maybe, to his supporters, Trump might be like Boris Yeltsin climbing on that tank.

Trump doesn’t have to be the best man in the world; maybe he doesn’t even have to be a particularly good man.  Maybe he just has to be the first man that says, “Alright, that’s just about enough.”  Remember, Trump electrified this presidential campaign not simply by being viciously rude, but by being viciously rude about the injustice of illegal immigration - 'illegal' is right there in the term! - having become that sacred cow to our self-appointed betters.  Trump climbed on the tank and said "No Más. Bitch."

Yes, the TrumpTrain is running hot, but I think it’s a mistake to believe everybody on it just wants to 'burn it all down'.  The two main trump mottoes are “Build the wall”, and “Make America great again”.  These are not nihilistic expressions.  A lot of Americans – millions upon millions – wanted somebody to stand up for them, to stop the madness of our own leadership seeming to want to dissolve the very notion of a United States of America.  Trump did that, and it should be no surprise he is being rewarded by their loyalty.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Can't Fix a Spiritual Crisis With Federal Program

At NRO, David French has an excellent post on the moral collapse of the working class.

The Crisis of America's White Working Class Is More Spiritual than Material:
This is a textbook illustration of the spiritual and moral crisis – the loss of core values – that has slowly poisoned American culture over the decades. Marriages take work. Restless spirits have to be tempered with self-control. To declare these obvious truths isn’t cruel. Indeed, to relieve people of responsibility for their actions is to treat them like children. It’s the “soft bigotry of low expectations.” 
I remember a little over a decade ago (has it been that long?) when my wife and I finally started going to church.  The pastors just then were making a lot of announcements about an upcoming “Mission to Maine” the church was undertaking.  Witty fellow that I felt myself to be, I asked one of the pastors “Lot of heathen up in Maine?”

And he started to explain to me how family structures had fallen apart in rural Maine.  Unwed mothers.  Drugs.  Alcohol.  People on welfare, or trying to get onto disability.  And it occurred to me, there was a lot of that going on around us in rural Pennsylvania, too.

This has been going on a while.  It is everywhere.  And it is a spiritual crisis.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Free Trade, SUV's, Muscles, and Donald Trump

Recently Dan McLauglin asked:  “Why Did Almost Nobody See The Trade Issue Coming Before Trump?”

Good question.  I'm a free trade guy, but right now I’m re-thinking it a bit.  At least I’m rethinking the sort of total, Randian, there’s-never-any-reason-to-manufacture-underwear-in-America view I used to have.  Maybe there have been some flaws in my thinking about free trade. 

I once read an analogy about muscles and SUV’s.  If I remember this right, the writer and his next-door neighbor started working out together.  I don’t remember the specifics exactly, whether it was something like cross-fit, but I do recall it was  a strenuous routine.  So strenuous that there was some question about whether there was any point to a couple of office guys in their mid-thirties trying to stay that fit?  Seriously, why bother?  Then one day (yes, you knew this was coming)  there was a major storm that knocked down trees all over the place, including between their houses.  The storm was so bad that trees were down everywhere, and it would be days or longer before they’d be able to hire crews to clear the downed trees out of their driveways.

So they got out their chainsaws, and started cutting wood and hauling branches.  If you’ve never done that sort of work you have no idea how hard it is.  But they got it done – driveways cleared, wives happy - all was good with the world.  Because when the emergency came, they had strength available that they normally didn’t need.  The writer’s point was that SUV’s are like that, and maybe that’s why people buy them.  Yes, those big, powerful engines use a lot of gas – much as big muscles take a lot of work and energy to maintain – but maybe someday you’re going to need that power, and you’re going to need it fast.  So you buy an SUV even though it’s expensive to maintain and most of the time the SUV’s full power is unneeded.

What if blue-collar people are like America’s muscle?   Maybe when their jobs go away, the muscle starts to get flabby.  Or worse.  Maybe the rest of us don’t care at the time because buying underwear made in Haiti is cheaper than buying underwear made in Pennsylvania, right?  But now those people who used to work in those factories - that demographic muscle - are sitting around, trying to figure out how to get on disability, developing heroin habits, and/or doing that other stuff that Kevin Williamson writes about. 

And let’s not forget that muscle also happen to be the people we count on to do the actual fighting when "we" go to war.

No, I’m not saying free trade is the cause of bad behavior in lower income whites, or anybody else for that matter.  But I am saying unemployment caused by jobs disappearing cannot help.

Maybe we should consider spending some money if we have to, in order to get those demographic muscles strong again.  Maybe it’s worth paying more for my skivvies if it means my blue-collar neighbors are working, and feeling both productive and appreciated.  Maybe our society would be stronger and better prepared to handle unexpected things.  When muscles are flabby and weak, they get hurt more easily.  When muscles hurt, they complain, and when you don’t pay attention to complaining muscles, they may betray you just when you need to count on them.  And to Dan McLaughlin’s point above, maybe if we were taking better care of our metaphorical muscles, Republicans wouldn't be standing around like we’ve been poleaxed by Donald Trump’s primary rampage.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Belgium, Islam, and the Western Press

There’s already an opinion piece at Washington Post titled "Why is Brussels under attack?"

It contains this clumsy and interesting compound sentence: 

“A growing right-wing political movement in Belgium has led to feelings of division in the country; Some Muslims say that a 2012 ban on Islamic veils such as burqas and niqabs in public spaces is a sign of their community's alienation from the Catholic mainstream.”

This sentence comes right after mention of high Muslim unemployment, and the “competitive disadvantage” Muslims find themselves in, in the Belgian job market.  That is, in attempting to answer the "why" in the article's title, the article begins with the plight of the poor Muslims, and then immediately blames a “growing right-wing political movement” for “feelings of division”. 

Oh, and 2012.  Keep that year in mind for a minute.  This stuff is outrageous.  For readers who bother going further, they find the following:
  • “Molenbeek's links to radicalized groups have long been known.”
  • “[F]unding from Saudi Arabia and other wealthy Persian Gulf states in the 1970s…was used to set up conservative religious schools in the area.” [emphasis added]
  • “A decade ago…a popular newspaper series…showed disillusioned young Muslims were being influenced by radical preachers.”
  • “[T]here is a whole generation waiting to participate in these actions."

I’m just a simple, Bible-thumping, conservative, American gun owner, but I would love to know how a so-called right-wing burqa ban three years ago can take the lead in being blamed for some Saudi-funded radical shit that goes back to almost the middle of the last century?  This article is simply another example of the mainstream Western press’s ongoing attempt to sugar-coat jihad and unchecked third-world immigration, and to libel any attempts to either defend against the former, or control of the latter.

No wonder that here in the U.S., the Trump Train keeps rolling.

Monday, March 21, 2016

What's missing from this Trump Analysis?

At the Washington Post’s Wonkblog, Jim Tankersley argues the  GOP "created" Donald Trump 15 years ago
“Urged on by their presidential standard-bearer, Texas Gov. George W. Bush, and by nearly all of the business lobbyists who represented the core of the party’s donor class, three-quarters of House Republicans voted to extend the status of permanent normal trade relations to China. They were more than enough, when added to a minority of Democrats, to secure passage of a bill that would sail through the Senate and be signed into law by President Bill Clinton.
“The legislation, a top Republican priority, held the promise of greater economic prosperity for Americans. But few could predict that it would cause a series of economic and political earthquakes that has helped put the GOP in the difficult spot it is in today(.)” 
Maybe.  But interestingly,  even though Trump exploded onto the presidential campaign stage by grabbing ownership of a related but different issue, Tankersley doesn’t mention it:  illegal immigration.

A lot of jobs went to China 15 years ago, and in the last 15 years a lot of other jobs have in fact been created in America (as the Obama administration is constantly reminding us).  But there are tens of millions of illegal immigrants competing with high-school educated Americans for those jobs.  Illegal immigration is the issue that originally got the TrumpTrain ™ started, not China trade.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

NPR, same as it ever was: anti-American and pro-Commie.

A segment of last night’s “All Things Considered” on NPR was an almost perfect example of NPR doing what it does best with your tax dollars:  outrageously mislead you in order  to cover for Lefty tyrants, and try to make you feel guilty about not being a poverty-stricken third-worlder with no particularly marketable skills.  All while sounding pleasant and reasonable.

According to NPR, you may be happy about the price of oil, but what about all those people in countries like Nigeria, Columbia, and Venezuela, who evidently can’t do a damn thing other than wait for their governments to give them some of the money they get by overcharging rich Westerners for oil?  Sure, you saving a buck or two per gallon is nice, but compared to the rest of the world, Americans are really kind of rich.  If you are an average, private-sector American who hasn’t really had a raise in years, you’re still better off than poor Pedro who lives in some slum outside of Caracas, and really needs the money more than you do. 

And let’s ignore that the economy of Venezuela has been destroyed by two Lefty tyrants in a row.  The current one, a former bus-driver I believe, has a daughter who is now a billionaire, but I’m sure that sort of thing has nothing to do with what might be going on in the Venezuelan economy.  Seriously, NPR did not even mention any of this.  From listening to this NPR propaganda, the listener could conclude Venezuela's problem is purely a function of low oil prices.  Nothing to do with the Commie Ralph Kramden who runs the joint.  Shame on you, America:  Your finally reasonable prices at the gas pump are being paid for by poor Pedro in Caracas.

I hope you feel bad.  And don’t forget to send NPR a check during their next fund-raising week.

Here it is, if you want to listen to it:  Oil Producing Nations Struggle to Cope with Falling Prices

Friday, January 29, 2016

The Original Safe Zones

Civilization is like a walled city.  We are safe on the inside from the danger and barbarity that is outside, only under certain conditions.  If those in the city wish to keep what we have – our wealth, our way of life – if we wish to remain safe and wish for our women to remain safe, we must maintain those conditions.  There are reasons our forefathers built the walls around the city, and if we don’t want to experience firsthand what those reasons are, we need to maintain the habits and character traits of a people who are willing and able to defend the walls of our city.

Or we can be like Cologne.  Evidently the Germans imagine they can create "safe zones" for their women to keep them from being robbed, assaulted, and raped at public events by the hundreds of thousands of young Muslim males the Germans allowed into their country.  

Right.  Viel Glück damit.  As Sarah Hoyt put it so succinctly at Instapundit: "Europe used to be the safe zone."  Now the walls are broken; the marauders run rampant inside, and the fools that (for the moment at least still) run the joint think they can create – what? – temporary  redoubts to which their women can flee during holidays?  This is deeply, deeply stupid, and it signals an amazing lack of will to do what they need to do to in order to protect themselves. 

There’s another proverb the Germans need to keep in mind, 18:11: “The wealth of the rich is their fortified city; they imagine it a wall too high to scale.”  That is, there’s a difference between being rich and being strong.  The Europeans are still rich, for now, but they better remember how to get strong again, fast.  And they need to see to their walls.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

What really happened to our sailors?

These are patches I received in the Navy in the 1980’s.  The bottom one is for Special Boat Unit 20, where I was stationed in 1986/87, and the one on top is for SERE (Survival, Evasion,Resistance & Escape) School which I attended in – it must have been - October of 1986.  

The Navy sent us to SERE School because as members of a small boat crew, our odds of being captured by the enemy are higher than if we were, say, on the crew of a destroyer.  The Navy also used to send all flight crews through SERE training for the same reason, and I presume it still does.

That brings me to the incident this week with the Iranians.

Allen West is starting to ask the right questions:
First of all, I find it odd that these Riverine craft were operating on an excursion from Kuwait to Bahrain. Why were they not hugging close to the coast line? Now, I also find it perplexing to be told that the engines of the boats malfunctioned. If that were the case, an immediate call should have been made and at least, aerial surveillance and support should have been dispatched. The next thing would have been immediate dispatching of a recovery vessel to support these two boats. Regardless of one or two boat engines malfunctioning, what should have happened after a distress call was all hands manning the boat weapons. They should have been in an immediate defensive posture to secure themselves until recovery was complete — or they were back underway. 
I find it rather disturbing that any Iranian watercraft were able to approach these two heavily armored assault boats. My question would be, was the on-board radar equipment operable? If so, then the approaching enemy craft would have been detected. That being the case, the officer in charge should have reported contact, verified that they were not friendly, and taken action to defend his position, his boats. That means warning shots should have been fired, if not heeded, and then the full power of these assault boats levied against the enemy watercraft — with situation reports being sent to higher command. We need to know why exactly those actions were not taken — and if the young officer in charge was told to not take any action. And if so, by whom.
Read the whole thing.  Especially note the Code of Conduct for American military personnel (which is also repeated at the SERE School link above).  Allen West is right.  There is nothing about this incident, as portrayed so far, that makes any sense whatsoever.  I take it as a given the Iranians are lying about it.  But I would really like to know why our own Navy is lying.  The story cannot be what we have been told so far.

For what it’s worth, the story is evidently no longer interesting enough to even be on the Washington Post home page this morning, and the New York Times imbecilicly reports it as some sort of diplomatic success.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

It already is worse.

Breitbart London reports that German police are ordered to under-report or misreport the extensive criminal activities of the invading Saracen hordes (drolly referred to as “refugees” ) who are sweeping over what used to be the heart of Christendom.  A sample: 
“The officer told the paper the public do not get an accurate idea of what is really happening in the migrant crime wave, because events are mis-reported by police to prevent outrage.”
 “If a refugee wants to escape our control, we can’t even detain him. This is dictated from above. To do so would be physical violence”.
 “Bernd revealed “95 percent of refugees are single men”.”
The entire piece is worth reading.  A lot of us on the right have been predicting this is going to get much worse.  I’m now starting to think it already is much worse.  We just don’t know the extent of it yet.  I wonder if we are going to see European politicians hanging from lampposts before 2016 is out?

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Here's your chance, Ladies. Start in Cologne.

Chris Muir was positively brutal in his Day By Day cartoon from couple days ago.

It’s the only place so far where I’ve seen these thoughts expressed and that kind of surprises me.  Sometimes it seems white men are blamed for all the problems of the Earth.  And some of that blame has been loudly and continuously shouted by white women.  We don’t let women have the freedom they feel they should have.  We hold them back from the good jobs.  There is no traditional male role that should be reserved for men.  Anything men can do women can do.

Okay.  If that is the all true, here’s your chance ladies.  Start in Cologne.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

The German Cover Up Of the Saracen Attacks

This is a follow up  to my post yesterday about the Saracen sexual assaults in Cologne, Germany.  Or, rather, the sexual assaults in several cities, including Cologne.

Much more information has come out, and the more that comes out, the worse it is.  Eye-witness accounts make it clear the police were aware of the level of the attacks as they occurred.  Despite initial denials, the police now concede the attacks were carried out in large part by recently arrived “refugees" from the Middle East.

Some German government officials seem to be still trying to get away with accusing their countrymen of bigotry and hoping that makes the complaints stop. This must be panic on their parts.  I don’t see how it can continue to work but it’s as if they don’t know what else to do.  The Gods of the Copybook Headings are attacking and the German government is, momentarily at least, unable to deal.  What do you do when your people learn you have been allowing the Saracens to rape your women in your streets?

This will not end well.

Breitbart London is all over this story and may be coming to own it.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Some questions about the attacks in Cologne

The American Interest relays a report on the New Year’s Eve assault of a large number of German women by Middle Eastern men in the middle of downtown Cologne.

Migrants Molested Women in Cologne on NYE
“A mob men (sic) of reportedly North African and Arab origin assaulted women in downtown Cologne on New Year’s Eve, in attacks Mayor Henriette Reker characterized as “monstrous” and “lawlessness.”
 “Some 90 criminal complaints, including one allegation of rape, have been brought to the Cologne police department after women said they were molested by a crowd of men who had gathered in the city’s famous square between its central train station and towering Gothic cathedral.” (emphasis added)
Further details...
“City police chief Wolfgang Albers said the crowd was composed of up to 1,000 heavily intoxicated men who gave the appearance of being “Arab or North African” in background.”
But recall also that on that day there was other news concerning famous German cities, train stations, and crowds:  New Year's Eve attack planned in Munich: police

So on New Year’s Eve, all of Germany was preparing for attacks on crowds in public places such as, say, train stations.  All things considered, it is not unreasonable the authorities should have considered that the famous cathedral in Cologne might also be a potential jihadi target.  Knowing this, we are now told that a crowd of 1,000 frick’n Arabs sexually assaulted scores of German women in those very places.  Considering the security concerns in Germany that night, I don’t see how it is reasonable that there were no police around.  Cops were there.  They had to be.  They were waiting for terrorist attacks in every major city in Europe.  Is it even possible that police in Cologne did not see these sexual assaults carried out by Arab mobs?  Did these attacks not occur right in front of the police's eyes?

Scores of German women being assaulted in front of them, and no  mounted troops charged in?  No water cannons, no tear gas?  Not even a couple beat cops swinging batons to protect women who were being attacked wholesale right there in front of them?

Here are the real questions:
  1. Did German police witness these attacks as they occurred?
  2. If not, where the hell were they?
  3. If, as is far more likely, they were indeed there, who was the officer in charge?  What is his name?
  4. How is it he did not order this men to start kicking ass on the spot? 

I would really, really like to know the answers to these questions, and I’ll bet there are a whole lot of German citizens who want to know those answers as well.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

It's because I'm black, isn't it?

Kevin Williamson writes the best paragraph on the internet today:

The sage marketing wisdom is: “Under-promise and over-deliver.” That was hardly an option for Obama, who promised, quite literally (literally, Mr. Vice President!), a sea change. When you are billing yourself as the fulfillment of Hegelian capital-H history, as not only a redeemer of nations but a healer of planets, it gets a little awkward when you have to spend most of your administration explaining why the economy still kind of sucks and the secretary of state feels the need to lie about everything from the murder of diplomatic personnel to the fact that she’s storing state secrets in the crapper. If you had bought shares in Obama As Advertised and then had to sell them at the price of Obama In Fact, you’d know what it felt like to be running a mortgage-derivative fund back in 2008.

Read the whole thing here.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Trump vs. Krauthammer. Forget it Doc; you can't win.

At National Review, Charles Krauthammer excoriates the absurdity of Donald Trump’s call to ban Muslims from entry into the United States:

“I decline to join the chorus denouncing the Trump proposal as offensive and un-American. That’s too obvious. What I can’t get over is its sheer absurdity.”

Leave alone the somewhat dodgy assumption the proposal is "un-American".  Is it important that the proposal is absurd?  It may be - may be - absurd.  But there are any number of non-absurd reasons to for Trump to have made the proposal.  To roll just a few off the top of my head, by making this proposal, Trump is at one stroke:

… channeling the outrage of a population that is being told to stop being bigots, when they are not in fact bigots and they are in fact the ones under attack.

… moving the entire range of debate terms onto ground that a few days ago was untouchable, sacred territory.  Territory where Trump dominates and all the others fear to tread.  We will now – finally - be discussing exactly which people we ought to be excluding from entry and we all know damn well they will be Muslims.

… trolling his opponents into making very stupid comments that signal to the public that Trump’s opponents have no real intention of addressing the public’s concerns.  That it is un-American to try to keep jihadis out of America is tough sale to make for Presidential candidates.  I look forward to hearing some of them try to make it.

Why does Trump do stuff like this?  Seriously?  If he wants to win this election, why would he ever stop?

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Paris, Coulter, and Trump

Last Friday night Ann Coulter reacted to the vicious razzia against Paris by declaring that Donald Trump had just won the U.S. Presidential election, which doesn’t actually take place for almost another year.  I think I understand what she means, she has a very good point, and she may well be correct.

Consider:  The Obama administration is actually accelerating the immigration to America of thousands of Syrian men, and the President is allowing the word to go out he may unilaterally close the prison at Guantanamo and, contrary to law, move a bunch of Islamic terrorists from the offshore military prison to places here on the U.S. mainland.  Immediately after the Paris attack, Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, declared the EU would make no change to its current policy of letting unidentified young Muslims simply walk into Europe by the hundreds of thousands.  Twenty four hours after the Islamist carnage in Paris, the three politicians running for the Democratic nomination for President reportedly made it through an entire two hour debate without a single one uttering the word Islamist.

What people in the West are witnessing is an increasingly shocking divide between what we see with our own eyes, and what our so-called leaders tell us is happening.  Islamist forces have been making jihad against us for decades now, and have inflicted thousands upon thousands of casualties, yet the Western world is still led by people who refuse to acknowledge we are being attacked in a religious war.  This cannot go on forever and it won’t.  And as Mark Steyn has pointed out, if respectable politicians refuse to discuss what must be discussed, then unrespectable politicians will fill the gap.  The more the Western political class repeats nonsense such as that Islam is a “religion of peace”, or that we have no choice but to allow millions of “migrants” to come into our lands just because they demand it, the more certain it becomes that a Donald Trump will become President of the United States.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Planned Parenthood, Benghazi, and our Fourth Estate

The Planned Parenthood videos and the Hillary Clinton testimony in front of the Congressional committee investigating the debacle at Benghazi have things in common and those things are depressing.  In both cases the wrong-doing is inarguable.  The ghouls at Planned Parenthood were negotiating prices for pieces of aborted humans.  They were haggling over the sale of baby parts.  Hillary Clinton knew at the time our ambassador was killed that he was killed in an organized terrorist attack, yet she helped to hide that fact from the American public for as long as possible. 

A second commonality is that in both cases the perpetrating parties continue to deny what is plainly obvious from evidence available to virtually anyone on the planet.  It’s literally (Literally, Mr. Vice President!) right there on video.

The depression starts in the next couple things the cases have in common.  One of those things is that what we have come to call the mainstream media – also known as the place where most voters probably get their news – is helping the perpetrating parties get away with it.  Executives, former employees, and business partners of Planned Parenthood were caught on tape in sales negotiations for pieces of aborted babies.  But CNN, ABC, CBS, the New York Times, etc., allow their customers to believe that if anything happened at all, it was that some sneaky conservatives are trying to frame Planned Parenthood with “highly edited” videos in order to defund “women’s health”.  Those same “news” organs are today in full-throated, lock-stepping, lip-syncing mode with the breaking news that Hillary Clinton has survived the “partisan” Republican attack made on her over the unfortunate events in Libya a few years ago that the GOP just keeps banging on about.

The really, really depressing part is that in both cases, it may well work.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Putin prowls, so Obama seeks a safe place to pee. It figures.

Labor force participation is the lowest it’s been since Carter was president.  Vladimir Putin publicly humiliated Barack Obama and the United States, both at a major United Nations gathering, and, viciously (and absolutely brilliantly), in our own, yuuuge, white elephant embassy in the heart of the Middle East.  Cities are falling to the Taliban as we lose Obama’s 'good war' in Afghanistan.  

So until some nut shot up a community college in Oregon, what was the top White House priority yesterday?  Naturally, like a laser-beam, it was focused on the burning issue of public transgender urination.

We are doomed.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

“Suppose they gave a war and nobody came?”

There was an “anti-war” poster in the 1960’s that read:  “Suppose they gave a war and nobody came?”

On the long list of deeply stupid, Communist-approved, academically encouraged, hippie bullshit from the Vietnam era, this one really stands out for its full-frontal mental retardation.  The point of the poster is that if nobody shows up to fight, you can’t have a war.  Deep man, pass me the joint.  The problem of course comes if you think about it even a little bit.  What can it possibly mean that somebody “gave a war”?  Doesn’t it mean that somebody has started fighting somebody.  Somebody has invaded somebody else?  Somebody has started shooting somebody else?  Somebody has started bombing somebody else?  That is, if somebody “(gives) a war” there will be other somebodies who don’t have the option to not come.  They are already there.  Being shot at.  Being invaded

This is so obvious one wonders show much dope people had to smoke in the 60’s for that poster to become popular?  “Suppose they gave a war and nobody came?”  The answer is simple: The invader wins.  Ask ISIS.  Ask Russia.  But don’t ask Barack Obama or the U.S. State Department.  Evidently they’re still rolling doobies in the dorm, talking deep talk.