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Monday, August 20, 2007

Can you spot what's missing in this story of fighting in Lebanon?

Yahoo! News reports on the Lebanese military's bombing of a Palestinian "refugee" camp being held by some Islamists. It mentions that two Lebanese soldiers have been killed during the battle in the last two days. Also, if you read a ways down in the article you finally get to this:

"In the three months of fighting more than 200 people have been killed, including, with the latest two deaths, 138 soldiers. It is not known how many Islamists have died."

Do you notice, there is no mention of "innocent civilians" or even simply "civilians"? No, just people. Oh, and the article makes a point of stating the Lebanese government position that there are only "wives and children of the Islamists remaining -- a total of about 100 who the army says are being used as "human shields"".

Imagine what this article would look like if it were American or Israeli forces cleaning out some Islamist rat-hole with 100 women and children inside.

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