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Monday, August 27, 2007

From the Guardian, naturally:

"We've failed Rhys but we've also failed his killer."

Wherein a Ms. Madeleine Bunting excuses the actions of a stone killer. She speculates perhaps he was forced to view the prosperity of others around him, those who built something of their lives instead of following his own chosen growth path of hanging out with violent, drug-dealing criminals. This view of others' prosperity, according to Ms. Bunting, may have driven him mad. Apparently she suspects he's as left-wing as she is. The prosperity of others always drives commies to fits, so why not vicious young urban punks as well? Likely they're not Conservatives or Republicans.

She also reminds us not to blame the poor parents of the murderer. Fair enough, though exactly what leftist nutball focus group came up with the term "privatization of crime" is beyond me. I admit that just because some people ignore thousands of years of wisdom, to say nothing of common sense, and decide to have children out-of-wedlock, it's not necessarily their fault that their feral spawn find it impossible to control their rage when their eyes light upon the material wealth that is so often the reward of their neighbors' self-control.

Failed the murderer? The way we failed the murderer - if at all - is to allow him to believe, and act upon the belief, that no matter what he does there will always be the Ms. Buntings of the world to plead his vile case for him.

I am more interested in not failing the next young eleven-year-old potential murder victim. I'm afraid the best way to attempt that is to provide a rope and a gallows for the young outlaw that committed this particular deed. And it wouldn't hurt society much for us to spend some time ridiculing the clueless Ms. Bunting about her criminal-enabling advocacy.

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