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Monday, August 27, 2007

Hyderabad Bombing - Emails you never want to have to send...

I just sent out the email below (edited to remove company identification) to our company offices worldwide:

"You’ve all no doubt heard about the terrorist bombing attack in Hyderabad on Saturday night. So far it looks like our employees and their families were not directly affected but tragically this sort of information can be subject to change as we hear from more people. We appreciate the emails and calls we’ve already received from colleagues and friends around the world and hope you continue to join us in offering our thoughts and prayers to the families of the slain victims and to the injured and their families.

"The situation in Hyderabad, while calm, is in flux and some political leaders are today calling for commercial organizations to close and city services to be shut down. As a result of this – most of our Hyderabad employees depend upon public transportation – the office is likely closing shop early today. We regret any inconvenience but trust you will understand.

"If there are any emergencies, and if you cannot reach your research managers on their mobile numbers, please feel free to contact me on my mobile.

"Again, we thank you all for your expressions of concern, and we expect to be fully back on-line on Tuesday, 28 August."

I really hate terrorists.

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