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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Police Ammo - Headline vs. Actual Story

The headline in the Washington Post:

Police Feel Wartime Pinch on Ammo

The first paragraph:

"The U.S. military's soaring demand for small-arms ammunition, fueled by two wars abroad, has left domestic police agencies less able to quickly replenish their supplies, leading some to conserve rounds by cutting back on weapons training, police officials said."

Reading this you could be forgiven for thinking that U.S. military action in Iraq and Afghanistan is leaving America's local police departments short of ammo. But if you read to the second page of the on-line article, you get to ...

...the actual story:

"What we're seeing is orders for law enforcement ammunition that have increased 40 percent in just the last year(.)"

Jeesh. So there is no decrease in supply of police ammo due to the military. Rather there is an increase in police demand, due to their understandable wish to be better prepared for shootouts. A 40% increase in demand, according to this article. Is there, like, anything some media outlets won't blame on Bush, the war in Iraq, or "global warming"?

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