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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dowries in Hyderabad

So I’m hanging out with my buddy Raman in the Sheraton Kakatiya in Hyderabad, drinking overpriced Kingfisher beer, and he tells me how much it's worth for an Indian male to work in America...

“If the man is working in America he gets two crores rupees ($500,000), and if he did work in America but has come back, he gets one crore rupees ($250,000)."

I asked: What’s a guy worth that’s never been to America?

“A couple lakhs ($5,000).”

I asked: So what’s a non-Indian American get for marrying an Indian girl?

“Nothing. You guys aren’t in the system.”

Interesting place, India.

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Anonymous said...


Although I agree that this is the scene in some places, you can't summarize and quote it for the entire country.

Dowry may still exist in places but please don't refer to it as India as a whole.