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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Steyn on liberals' dictator jones ...

From MacLeans.

"Democracy, said Churchill, was the worst form of government except for all the others. It is, in fact, the best form of government for small government — for a rotating political class constrained by a sense of what is achievable in free societies. But, if your plans are bigger than that, then you need a freer hand. The totalitarian temptation lurks within every big idea, even the fluffily benign-sounding ones, and it will only grow in the years ahead."


Glenn Knight is looking for meditation tips (sort of).

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Zabelis Gotta Publish

My brother's letter to the editor just got published by the Wall Street Journal On-Line. Concerns Kosova. Third one down.

Friday, February 8, 2008

A Wet, Wired World

Cool map via the UK's Guardian showing the world's undersea internet cables.

As per a previous post, very handy for jihadis.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

"Black Man's What?"

Extensive quotes from this Telegraph article might be a good way to see what it take's to get one's Blogger account cut off. Did I say "cut off?" I mean yanked. No, not "yanked"! Uh, maybe ... Oh, never mind.

Notice though there were no apologies reported, and probably none even considered, about needlessly, sexually-explicit content on a government-sponsored public broadcast. Nothing so boringly moralistic! We save our moralizing for really important things; for the big stuff!

(Ed: "Big stuff?" Enough with this post already!)

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Free Market and Beauty

Anne Applebaum (via Canada's National Post and Slate) makes a great argument on why, among countless other blessings, the free market also makes chicks hotter.

We prefer you follow the normal process of never requiring our help...

In a report from Down Under, “NATO spokesman James Appathurai” responds to uncomfortably public, American requests that NATO provide combat troops for Afghanistan. Apparently they don’t particularly want to. He is quoted as stating: "Force generation is a process which NATO has been doing for 60-plus years and we've always done it through the normal channels which are quiet channels(.)"

NATO has been providing combat troops to carry out actual combat for 60 years?

Well, no. But NATO has for 60 years been providing troops – and doing it through “normal” and “quiet” channels - that don’t really have to fight anyone. If you want combat troops for combat, now that’s altogether a different thing. Then the system apparently doesn’t work so well.

The Worst Book I Ever Finished

Okay, maybe it isn't the worst ever, but I truly don't remember the last time I bothered to finish a book that was not just badly written but this badly written: O'Hara's Choice by Leon Uris.

I've been in a reading funk. I hadn't been reading scripture regularly. Hadn't picked up Gibbon's "Decline and Fall" since I finished Chapter 17, back in November, basically had done no reading. I went to a local mall here in Hyderabad and decided to pick up some popcorn reading: one of the Sharpe historical novels and this book by Uris. I had enjoyed "Exodus", "Mila 18", and "The Angry Hills". Looking at Uris' opus on Amazon, I think I may have read one or two others as well. I also enjoyed "Battle Cry" and Hitchcock's "Topaz", both movie adaptations of Uris' work. That was all some time ago.

I wanted to use the literary version of an action flick to get back into the reading habit and, along with the Cornwell book, I figured Uris would fit the bill. Apparently Uris died before finishing this work and, frankly, I wonder if he died before he finished the first draft. Some passages looked like they might simply be sketch-notes of a scene.

I'm going back to the bookstore and pick up one of Uris' other works. I don't want to remember the guy this way.

Global Warming, Warming Up

Quick post now. Hopefully more later. For my sins, Glenn Knight responded to a comment I made on one of his "global warming" posts.

I'm not interested in the subject per se. The earth has been much hotter than it is now, and much colder. Greenland used to be, well, green, and woolly mammoths used to walk across North America. It seems to me the planet's temperature is within normal range. More to the point, since it seems the planet's temperature obviously is within normal range, a person would have to convince me there is a dangerous change occurring.

Glenn did not mention the "reasonable man" standard but I think most of us believe we apply it. If groups of people demand government policy initiatives that everyone agrees will have significant, detrimental impact on our economy, such people have the burden of proof to justify the demand. Given that the subject is highly complex and the evidence is far less than conclusive, application of the "reasonable man" standard leads me to dismiss the issue as alarmist.

On the other hand, what I am interested in, in this debate, is what the debate itself shows us about current standards of debate. Glenn quite rightly makes important points about that and such a discussion can be instructive.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Back On-Line...

After the disruption (viaLittle Green Footballs).

A cut submarine cable off the coast of Alexandria? Some idiot decided the internet should depend on an Egyptian submarine?

Seriously, now that I think about it:

India depends on BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) for its expanding economy. BPO depends on, well, dependable communications.

Pakistan hates India. Islamists in the Middle-East are likely more than happy to help Islamists in Pakistan f*ck with India. Such f*cking is as easy as cutting a fiber-optic cable that is, apparently, routed through the harbors of the Middle-East.

Sweet. If you're a Hindu-hating jihadi.