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Monday, February 4, 2008

The Worst Book I Ever Finished

Okay, maybe it isn't the worst ever, but I truly don't remember the last time I bothered to finish a book that was not just badly written but this badly written: O'Hara's Choice by Leon Uris.

I've been in a reading funk. I hadn't been reading scripture regularly. Hadn't picked up Gibbon's "Decline and Fall" since I finished Chapter 17, back in November, basically had done no reading. I went to a local mall here in Hyderabad and decided to pick up some popcorn reading: one of the Sharpe historical novels and this book by Uris. I had enjoyed "Exodus", "Mila 18", and "The Angry Hills". Looking at Uris' opus on Amazon, I think I may have read one or two others as well. I also enjoyed "Battle Cry" and Hitchcock's "Topaz", both movie adaptations of Uris' work. That was all some time ago.

I wanted to use the literary version of an action flick to get back into the reading habit and, along with the Cornwell book, I figured Uris would fit the bill. Apparently Uris died before finishing this work and, frankly, I wonder if he died before he finished the first draft. Some passages looked like they might simply be sketch-notes of a scene.

I'm going back to the bookstore and pick up one of Uris' other works. I don't want to remember the guy this way.

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