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Sunday, September 14, 2008

John Le Carre "thought about" defecting to the Soviets?

Really? Who woulda guessed? Story at Times (London) On-Line.

Seems to me he served the Reds much better by staying and working to convince the West that Commies were just like us only not as bad.

What is it all of a sudden about long-time Commies (or useful idiots) coming clean (or, in Le Carre's case, sort of coming clean) as they get older? Do they think no one will hold it against them anymore? Is it some weird pride at being an early convert to the statist-universalist worldview that is so fashionable in elite circles right now?

Or is it simply the natural tendency, as one gets older, to realize one is moving inexorably closer to judgement, and the need to confess becomes harder to resist?

"Thought about" leaving? Jeesh, Mr. Le Carre, you left a long time ago. If you didn't notice you were one of the few.

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