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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Palinphobia - Too new to be honest yet, but maybe getting wittier

In response to the PolarPalin video game post below, Glenn Knight links to an article at Slate by Dahlia Lithwick. Ms. Lithwick is apparently both talented and dedicated to the increasingly incoherent laundry list of positions known today as “liberal” or “progressive”. Accordingly her polemic is as finely-crafted and witty a piece of drivel as one could hope to find in the bring-down-Palin-at-any-cost camp that seems to be growing - despite all historical predictions to the contrary – ever larger as it becomes more desperate.

There are a couple things in it that are probably true, some that are obviously false, and then there are most of them: horribly spun and not bloody likely unless the writer can see into the soul of another (and find nefarious intent where there is no evidence of it) in a way that might cause a sinfully superstitious Christian to step away for fear of an impending lightning strike.

Enjoy the article. As stated, Lithwick is witty if not, uh, shall we say, fastidious with the facts.

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