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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Modern Diplomatic Folly

In today's Telegraph we find Darfur: ICC issues arrest warrant for Sudan president

Assuming the president of Sudan did everything the International Criminal Court prosecutor alleges, I think it is still a horrible idea to take this sort of action.
For one thing, I'm not sure - and I don't know that many people are - who the ICC answers to. Who are these guys and who the hell are they to issue arrest warrants for people acting (however badly) as officials of sovereign nations within the borders of those nations? Do they really think they have the "authority" to arrest George Bush if they decide the war in Iraq was "illegal" by some not-as-yet defined standard? Can they arrest Barack Obama for not closing Guantanamo fast enough to meet the wishes of various unknown "international" bureaucrats?

For another thing, since this "warrant" will never be acted on, doesn't it make the international community look ridiculous and effete to issue it? Who is going to serve it? The French Foreign Legion? We know full well no one is going to serve it and this warrant will be nothing but a reminder to the oppressed and helpless masses under power of ugly dictators across the world that the "International Community" is nothing but a joke, and their rulers will do with them what they please. It will simply reinforce the hopelessness of their positions.

However I suppose it does make the poseurs of international global organizations feel better, which is

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