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Monday, July 27, 2009

Wow - Have I not posted in that long?

Boy, two months can go by pretty fast when you just don't feel like posting.

Some random thoughts:

Michael Jackson: Fun music; creepy fellow. I think when they make the movie version of his life the role should go to Johnny Depp wearing the same make-up Heath Ledger wore in that Batman movie.

Global Warming: Those not convinced of AGW are now "traitors"? Wow. The warmenists are shrieking like Women's Studies professors invited to the pole-dancing contest at Greek Night.

Perez Hilton: Why am I even aware he exists, and would the media please stop reminding me?

Sarah Palin: If she committed political suicide by resigning as governor of Alaska, why can't her opponents shut up? You don't waste ammo on the dead. Could it be because her approval ratings are still roughly tied with Barrack Obama's? I'm just asking.

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