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Friday, September 11, 2009

Health Insurance Whining

At National Review Online a commenter wrote to Mona Charen about the lack of affordability of health insurance.

The writer complained,
If you're a 29 year old software designer and you want to live in a one-bedroom apartment reasonably near where you work and you want a car and cable TV and a lifestyle that approaches normal for a college grad with a white collar job, you need to be making a lot more than 300% of the poverty level before you can shell out for health insurance.

This is pathetic. I’d rather have a private apartment than have to share with room-mates, but I have no right to demand society subsidize my preference. Long commutes are a drag but, again, why would I expect other people to pay the rest of my bills so I can afford a higher rent in a location closer to my work? Car? What kind of car are we talking about? One of my vehicles is a 1988 Bronco II with a couple million miles on it that I bought for a thousand dollars in 2000. Does the writer think other people should pay his health insurance so he can lease a more expensive one?

Cable TV? Don’t even get me started. And the infantile whine about “lifestyle that approaches normal for a college grad with a white collar job”! Here’s a clue, skippy: The life ”style” you can afford is the one you can, well, afford. If you need someone else to pay your health insurance so you can spend your own money making sure no one mistakes you for some blue-collar working schlub, I submit that you suck ass at priority-setting.

This kind of crap really burns me.

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J Kirsch said...

Love it Agim! Is I attempt to properly raise my three childern through their formative years, the sense of entitlement you speak of is prevalent with many youth that I come in contact with. I struggle to indentify the cause. Any thoughts?