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Monday, September 28, 2009

The Verdict on Honduras

"The Law Library of the Congress of the United States (LLC) has issued an opinion on the removal and expulsion of Manuel Zelaya as president of Honduras. The LLC’s conclusion: Zelaya’s removal was legal but his deportation from the country was not."
This is not a shock. There has been mention in the press (not enough, to be sure) that Honduras government seemed to have acted mostly legally in Zelaya's removal. What could possibly have possessed the Obama administration to publicly and strongly support a crazy man, legally removed from office?

Update: LLC Report in PDf:
(H/T Washington Examiner)
The Constitution no longer authorizes impeachment, but gives Congress the power to disapprove of the conduct of the President, to conduct special investigations on issues of national interest, and to interpret the Constitution. In the case against President Zelaya, the National Congress interpreted the power to disapprove of the conduct of the President to encompass the power to remove him from office, based on the results of a special, extensive investigation.

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