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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

They can't seem to hit Breitbart's pitches. He's gotten inside their heads.

So there's this big story the last couple days about a woman named Shirley Sherrod, late an Assistant Deputy Something-or-other for the Department of Agriculture in Georgia.

Andrew Breitbart posted a video of her at Big Government that shows her telling a story to an NAACP audience that seems to imply she had (at one time at least) a less than open-minded racial view of whites. Within a short time of the video hitting the internet Miss Sherrod, apparently by order of the White House and at the request of the NAACP, was hitting the street as a new member of the unemployed.

But wait, there's more. It seems that a full version of the video (Breitbart only showed an edited version - he claims it was all he possessed) shows that Ms. Sherrod was actually telling a story about overcoming racial animosity. The NAACP and the White House now seem to want to take back - can you believe it? - her forced resignation.

A couple points:

1. How jittery and jumpy do the NAACP and the White House have to be to fire an Assistant Secretary of Something-or-other within a couple hours of an obviously incomplete Breitbart video coming on-line? When I personally saw the Breitbart video it seemed clear there was more to the story and that the rest of the video might show Sherrod was not advocating racism of any sort. Even Breitbart indicated the rest of the video had to be seen. The WH and the NAACP didn't bother to find out before they reacted even though it turns out the NAACP had access to the entire tape.

2. Breitbart is driving the Left crazy. He slaughtered them with a slow drip release of the underage-illegal-alien hooker videos at ACORN. They refused to act as the videos showed ever more blatant misbehavior. Now he flicks off a quick sidewinder outside the strike zone and they swing for the stands with everything they've got, ending up with nothing but air (except for the egg on their faces). They can't seem to hit Breitbart's pitches. He's gotten inside their heads.

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