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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

UN human rights body plans urgent meeting on Mideast unrest

"Diplomats told The Associated Press on Wednesday that a special session of the 47-member UN Human Rights Council could take place in Geneva as soon as next week."
Wow. The UN Human Rights Council is finally on the job.

Maybe as soon as next week.

For months Mideast governments have been falling, riots have been raging, grapeshot promiscuously whiffing; the UN already authorized some sort of Keystone Cops military action, missiles are flying, bombs are dropping, and only now the UN Human Rights Council has decided they need an emergency session because the situation is urgent?

And this is the group with members like Cuba and Zimbabwe, right?

To misquote the Comedian from that over-rated cartoon movie: "Sure the world's got problems but it takes a room full of morons to think you jokers can do anything about them."

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