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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Public Sector meets the Public Dole

The British government has proposed slowing the rate of growth in the generous pay of civil servants to the extent that they may (after a few years) have salaries not much higher than private sector workers.  Their pensions and other benefits of course will still far exceed those of the lowly subjects they, uhm, serve.  The London Telegraph covers the resulting riots.

Take these clowns and add them to the feces-encrusted "Occupiers" currently snarling traffic in many Western cities and you have a classic symptom of Western civilization's current social cancer.  The pigs at the public trough (whether government workers, or students who borrowed too much money to take degrees that are of no particular value to anyone) are furious that the rest of us want their help in paying for the operation of their gravy trains.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Roger Kimball reviews "The Opium of the Intellectuals"
The primary target of Aron’s polemic was fanaticism. But he also recognized that the defeat of fanaticism often leads to a contrary spiritual sickness, indifference. Both are expressions of the ultimate enemy, nihilism. Skepticism, Aron wrote, is useful or harmful depending on which is more to be feared at the moment: fanaticism or apathy. The intervening faculty that orients us appropriately is practical wisdom, prudence, “the god” (Aron quotes Burke) “of this lower world.”

I read part of the book after Jonah Goldberg mentioned it at The Corner a few years ago.  I remember it was hard to get (it took a while for my library to get it on inter-library loan).  I liked it but never finished.  It's an English translation of a French work on philosophy/sociology and I found it heavy going.  I just couldn't put in the time.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What if they're just practicing?

I was just over at PJMedia, reading Jack Dunphy's thoughts on "Occupy LA", when a thought occurred to me about the public disruptions carried out by these urine-soaked Occupards:  This sort of thing will be useful in the 2012 elections.  In the last presidential election there were some cases of voter intimidation carried out by the New Black Panthers against Republican leaning polling stations.  Those clear cases were then dropped by the DOJ.  These black racists got away with threatening voters at their assigned voting places on election day.

Would it shock anyone if, next November on election day, groups of feces-encrusted Occupards showed up at (only) Republican-leaning polling places to disrupt the voting?  In a close election, intimidating people at a couple hundred Republican polling places in swing states could make a difference.

In case you need to justify it...