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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Public Sector meets the Public Dole

The British government has proposed slowing the rate of growth in the generous pay of civil servants to the extent that they may (after a few years) have salaries not much higher than private sector workers.  Their pensions and other benefits of course will still far exceed those of the lowly subjects they, uhm, serve.  The London Telegraph covers the resulting riots.

Take these clowns and add them to the feces-encrusted "Occupiers" currently snarling traffic in many Western cities and you have a classic symptom of Western civilization's current social cancer.  The pigs at the public trough (whether government workers, or students who borrowed too much money to take degrees that are of no particular value to anyone) are furious that the rest of us want their help in paying for the operation of their gravy trains.

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