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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What if they're just practicing?

I was just over at PJMedia, reading Jack Dunphy's thoughts on "Occupy LA", when a thought occurred to me about the public disruptions carried out by these urine-soaked Occupards:  This sort of thing will be useful in the 2012 elections.  In the last presidential election there were some cases of voter intimidation carried out by the New Black Panthers against Republican leaning polling stations.  Those clear cases were then dropped by the DOJ.  These black racists got away with threatening voters at their assigned voting places on election day.

Would it shock anyone if, next November on election day, groups of feces-encrusted Occupards showed up at (only) Republican-leaning polling places to disrupt the voting?  In a close election, intimidating people at a couple hundred Republican polling places in swing states could make a difference.

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