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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Feeding people to wild animals.

What kind of society requires humans to request permission to defend themselves from a ferocious animal that is eating their women and children alive? What kind of society refuses that permission?

From London's Telegraph:  Leopard Kills Fifth Girl in Nepal.
In the latest attack, the unnamed teenager was cutting grass in the forest near her home in Baitadi district, on the border with India, when she was attacked by the animal, said Bishnu Bahadur Karki, a local deputy superintendent of police.
"The locals found the body torn into pieces and eaten below the neck at the forest area yesterday," he told AFP.
Fifth girl.  Not including the three victims the same leopard has eaten across the border in India. 

And it gets better (emphasis added):
"We requested the district forest office to allow us to kill it but they refused, saying that the law does not provide such permission," Karki told AFP.
"Our request to have the leopard handed over to a zoo has also been rejected."

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