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Friday, March 23, 2012

The Martin Shooting

The interracial shooting death of young Trayvon Martin in Florida is one of those tragic  incidents that quickly becomes a focal point of public outrage.  Naturally this draws race-baiters, ideological opportunists, self-promoting news mediocrities and other assorted carrion eaters like a road-kill whitetail draws turkey buzzards.  The facts of the case are clear in broad strokes:  a young black man was shot dead by a less young Hispanic white man.  They are less clear in the legally important ways, such as, did the shooter, one George Zimmerman, actually commit a crime by shooting the late Mr. Martin?  If not, should what he did be a crime?  Some have already decided the answers are obvious, but Jack Dunphy suggests caution:

"Trayvon Martin’s death was tragic, but it is a tragedy that will not find a neat resolution in the criminal courts. The only certainty is that the tragedy will be rendered into farce by the cast of characters who will use it to raise their own questionable profiles."

It's the most sensible thing I have seen written about the event.  I therefore doubt anyone will pay attention to it.  The second most sensible thing I’ve seen is Geraldo Rivera’s editorial at Fox:

"(A)fter listening to the 911 tapes and hearing the witness' testimonials, I believe Trayvon Martin would be alive today but for his hoodie."

Neither of these two sensible views will hold much attention. Nor is it likely anyone will bother pointing out that, however this particular case turns out, the most dangerous natural predator of young black men in America today is other young black men. It is not and never will be Hispanic white neighborhood watch members with licenses to carry firearms. So there will be great rage expressed over this homicide. Professional African-Americans will engage in vicious stereotyping of others in the name of opposing stereotypes. Professional gun-haters will take the opportunity to express their hatred of gun owners. News readers will breathlessly bray shallow and inane reports into the camera, their faces rigid with their trained ‘empathy’ looks. And (this just in) our current president can be counted on to think of something to say that will make matters worse.

But after this killing fades from public memory, young black men will continue to wander the streets, covering their faces with hoods and emulating thuggishness. And they will continue to die violently – mostly at each others’ hands. And the vile likes of Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, and Louis Farrakhan will likely have done nothing to save a single one of them.

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