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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

There's danger to blacks, and then there's danger to blacks...

Jonah Goldberg at the Corner:
"The richest and most successful African-Americans spend a lot more time in elite “white” America than they do in Compton or East St. Louis. And, my hunch is, they’re more understandably more worried about white men with guns than they are about guns in their kids’ private schools."
Interesting, if I understand it correctly:  Al Sharpton, because he is rich & famous, doesn't have to worry about his grandchildren being shot by black thugs in the ghetto because Al Sharpton would never allow his grandchildren anywhere near either black thugs or the ghetto.  Therefore black-on-black violence, which causes the greatest mayhem among other blacks, does not personally effect Sharpton or his family.  The potential of white-on-black violence, however rare, is of more concern to him because Al Sharpton's grandchildren are more likely to hang out with rich whites than with poor blacks.

Maybe I'm reading too much into what Goldberg is writing.  The post is here.

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