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Friday, May 11, 2012

The Non-Inevitability of 'Gay' Marriage

Rich Lowery at The Corner:
History is littered with the wreckage of causes pronounced inevitable by all right-thinking people. The failed Equal Rights Amendment looked inevitable when it passed Congress in 1972 and immediately 30 states ratified it. Opposition to abortion that was supposed to inevitably wither away is as robust as ever. The forces favoring gun control seemed unstoppably on the march when Congress passed the Brady Bill and the assault-weapons ban in the 1990s, but there are more protections for gun rights now than two decades ago.
This sounds about right to me.  Gay Marriage may someday be the law of the land but it is not inevitable.  It is currently fashionable but the longer the idea percolates, the more people will realize how bad an idea it is.  There is more support for the idea among young people - especially the college educated - and I think the lefty/relativist brainwashing that goes on in colleges frequently wears off as youth grows into maturity.

And I think the savvier supporters of gay marriage realize this.  Which is why they're shrieking like harpies to get it enshrined in the law now, before everybody wakes up and says:  wait a minute, we want to do what?!
UPDATE: Turns out this post got me unfriended on Facebook by someone I consider a friend. It doesn't seem that harsh to me but I guess opinions do vary.

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