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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Strikes, Indians, and Englishmen

The Times of India reports on a strike that is beginning at Kingfisher Airlines in India.  The airline's pilots have begun to call in sick.  Here's why:
Said an airline source: "The pilots are calling in sick, saying that the delay in salary payments has been a cause of stress." In the last few days, the resentment among pilots grew as the management again went back on its promise to pay their pending salary. "The management has been blatantly lying to us. They told us that they have deposited the money for our salaries in the bank," said a pilot. "However, when we checked with the banks, they revealed that not a cent has been deposited towards our salary payments," he added. The pilots had earlier planned to agitate from Monday onwards. But the airline chairman Vijay Mallya wrote a letter saying that the salary for the month of January will be paid on May 9. With the deadline gone and no payment done, the agitation began from midnight.
Fair enough.  These guys haven't been paid since - if I've got this right - last year.   Can't blame them.  Meanwhile, in Britain, the Telegraph reports:  "Prison officers have staged a surprise walkout over pension reform, on the day that 400,000 other public sector workers hold a planned strike."

So, in India, private workers keep on carrying on, giving their employer months to come up with a way to pay them the money they have already earned, while in Great Britain, so-called public servants leave criminals unguarded, and jam up the court system (no one to escort prisoners to trial) in order to send a message of solidarity with other so-called public servants that refuse to consider the possibility they may have to do with less money at some point in the future.

What a pathetic display by the British.

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