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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wikipedia doesn't want you to know Obama eats dog

Report is here.  (HT Instapundit)

People will actually cast votes based on stuff like this.  And as long as that's true, to report the story about Romney securing his dog in a travel kennel on top of his car in the 1980's, and at the same time censor the fact Obama ate dog meat once when he was a child, is to actively work for the reelection of Barack Obama.

That's okay, of course.  Unless one is pretending to be an unbiased information provider.  Then it's not okay.  Then it's exactly the left-wing media bias conservatives complain about and progressives deny the existence of.


Glenn Knight said...

The way your headline is phrased implies that President Obama currently partakes of dog as part of his diet. The text clearly states that he ate dog once, when he was a child.

I don't see the two incidents as comparable. Obama was a child, not in control of the situation, and, like most kids, ate whatever was put in front of him. Romney was an adult, making the decisions about how to pack his car, and he chose to have the dog ride on top. I don't know if that was bad for the dog, but I suspect we'd have even more problems if he'd kept the dog in the car and made one of his many sons ride in the luggage carrier.

Glenn Knight said...

Nice timing, Agim! This is a great illustration of why I don't consider Wikipedia a serious source of information. People are free to add material, and to subtract material, for various motives, and there is no editorial board checking for accuracy or bias.

Agim Zabeli said...

Glenn, A couple things:

1. The dog-on-the-roof story is an attempt to portray Romney as someone that is cruel to animals. It's bull pucky and it seems only fair that a pull pucky charge about Obama eating dog is being used as a counter.

2. You must have led a different life than I. It hasn 't been my experience that kids eat anything put in front of them. Try this: get a hundred American kids, give them a piece of meat, and tell 'em it's dog. Let me know how many of them eat it.