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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Saw Prometheus last night...

... with my daughter.  I was going to write a review but this morning I noticed Kurt Schlichter had already done it for me.  He even took the trouble to do a much better job than I would have:

'Prometheus Shows Hollywood's Religious Ignorance
"Prometheus" is a hot mess with good visuals and good performances in the service of an incoherent plot and an even less coherent message. It wants to ask those Big Questions, but the vocabulary that its stunted sense of spirituality provides is simply too limited to do so. The answer to “Where did we come from?” turns out to be some guys who are marginally taller than us and who have the complexion of a back-up singer for The Cure. And we, the audience, are sorry we asked.
I'm personally glad I saw the movie but can't think of a single disagreement with Mr. Schichter's review.  If you gotta see each and every 'Alien' movie then you have to see this one.  If you don't have some  non-rational need to do so save your money.

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