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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ann Althouse allows Schadenfreude to descend into unseemly cackling.

Wrote this post months ago.  Didn't realize I never, you know, posted it.  Re-reading it now, in light of the recent Arizona religious freedom hoopla, and the vicious lies that accompanied that dispute, I figure it's still worth posting.

The true bigotry in this debate is not anti-gay:

The frequently thoughtful Ann Althouse, while denying anyone is accusing same-sex marriage opponents of bigotry, enjoys their bigoted-ass discomfort.  Which no one is accusing them of.  But it serves ‘em right:
5. Now lots of traditionalists have the raw material to whine and cry about being called bigots. I doubt if that will work out very well for them, but they've been stewing in their own juice for a long time, and they're going to find it hard to stop. Unfortunately, same-sex marriage was originally presented as a conservative idea, and traditionalists could have gotten out in front of liberals on this issue if they'd listened to the original argument and predicted the future better, and now they'll have to scramble to improve their image. If crying about being called bigots — when, again, the majority didn't even use that word — is going to help, I just have to laugh. You took the opportunity to oppress when it was there, and now that it's gone, you want to say you are oppressed. Man up, losers. You lost. And you deserved to lose. Now, stop acting like losers. If you can. (I bet you can't!) 
It's amazing otherwise sensible people can see no reason anyone would defend a unique status for the male/female pair in a two sex species.  Other than oppression.  And bigotry.  Which Ann isn't accusing anyone of.  Wow.

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