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Friday, October 18, 2013

Whose Fault Were Those Barricades?

Suppose a couple agrees to set a limit on their credit card.  One day the man demands his wife sign a form to raise the limit.  His wife refuses to do it.  In order to intimidate his wife into obeying him, the man turns around and kicks the family dog.  A fellow named Chris Matthews hears about this incident and reports it on his TV show the following way:  Unreasonable Woman Causes Family Dog To Suffer!

Would we not all agree Chris Matthews is an idiot?  While it is true the dog was kicked after the woman refused to sign the form, the woman “caused” no dog-kicking.  Indeed, most rational people would agree to two things: 1) there was absolutely no need for anyone to kick the dog and, 2) it was the husband and the husband alone who chose to kick the dog.

There are some people who believe that Republicans in the House of Representatives were somehow responsible for barricades being erected to block access to various parks, walking trails, and public open spaces.  The thinking seems to be that since House Republicans refused to fund all of the government for a short period of time, this refusal started a  chain reaction that somehow automatically led to green-shirted babus moving as quickly as they could to put up barricades.  It is not so.  There was no reason for the National Park Service to barricade anything during the shutdown.  They did it purely at the will of the Administration. 

If you blame Republicans or the Tea Party for causing parks to be barricaded, you’re the type of person who approves of husbands forcing their wives to obey them by kicking the family dog.  Don't be that type of person.