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Saturday, March 22, 2014

My Big, Fat Global Warming Argument on Facebook

I contrived to get into an argument about global warming on Facebook.  

I know.  An argument about global warming on the Internet?   Who knew something like that might happen, right?  My problem is I found myself on the opposite side of the argument from Josiah and Sean, a couple of smart fellows who can be trifled with only at great risk of ending up feeling like a fool.  Josiah is a lawyer and energy policy analyst, and Sean may be a government scientist of some sort, while I have spent years auto-didacting myself firmly into the what I think is the not-too-stupid-layman category.  Since anthropogenic global warming can be (it is not always, mind) a technical argument, it’s dangerous ground for Mrs. Zabeli’s young son to find himself on.

It was a good time. I think Sean, Josiah, and I have been arguing on-line for over 15 years, back to the days of the old Great Books of Western Civilization Café.  The Cafe isn't around anymore.  Josiah was, I think, a fairly precocious middle-school student at the time, and Sean and I both had more hair (except in the ears; I definitely remember having less hair in my ears).  I miss the old Café.  It was earlier in the Internet days.  People seemed to be more willing to have discussions with those with whom they disagreed - that's my memory of it anyway - whereas today it is so easy to find places where everybody agrees with you, and most especially agrees with you that anyone who disagrees with you must be some kind of asshole.  I miss the old place.

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