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Thursday, June 19, 2014

War Is Hard

There is a lot of re-litigating going on over the original decision to invade Iraq in 2003.  Personally, I still support our decision to do it.  Saddam was perceived as a major threat. He had used chemical weapons.  There is strong evidence he was taking steps to reconstitute his nuclear program.  He did his best to convince the world he still had WMD's.  He was – to his later regret I imagine – successful in this deception.  He was a sponsor of terrorism.  The sanctions regime in place to control him was falling apart and was, in the event, being bypassed by massive and systemic corruption.  Saddam was a declared enemy of the United States, and we had just begun a war in his neighborhood.  Our options were to leave him in place as a constant danger, or to take him out.  After having 3000 Americans burned alive in the middle of New York City, we were right not to leave him in place.

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