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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Women In Combat, Sexism, and the NFL

A Facebook Friend called me “sexist” because I oppose putting women in combat.

Here’s an illustration of my reasoning.  No matter how technologically advanced a military is, or how much air and artillery support we can usually bring to bear during a fight, or what kind of electronics and optics our forces are using, it is an absolute certainty that sometimes things are going to go old school.  Some American combatant is going to find himself face to face with an enemy that is trying to kill him, up close and personal.  An American perimeter is going to be overrun, or one of the listening posts forward will be.  A Marine clearing a building is going to find himself bumping into a bad guy without enough room to shoot, or with his weapon misfiring.  Some jihadi is going to jump on a Ranger while he’s reloading.  It happens in Iraq.  It happens in Afghanistan.  It will happen wherever we send out forces.  If things go right, it will not happen often, but it will happen.

I oppose women in combat because when those things happen, when that jihadi jumps, I want that jihadi to find himself going hand-to-hand with Ray Rice. Not Ray Rice’s wife.  This does not make me a sexist.