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Friday, July 10, 2015

CNN: Just Another Day at the Hack Factory

You may be aware it is believed that Chinese Communists hacked the US government's Office of Personnel Management's files and and copied personal background and security information on what is currently estimated to be 21 million people.  These seem to be mostly people who work for, or did work for, or even who frick'n applied to work for, the U.S. government.

The woman in charge of the agency responsible for not allowing that to happen has finally resigned today.  She had no qualifications for the job other than that she is a Latina and she worked hard for the Democratic party, and perhaps Barrack Obama, in various political roles.  Got that?  Barrack Obama put a completely unqualified affirmative-action political hack in charge of safeguarding the personal information of every single man and woman who has applied for a government security clearance since Bush the Elder was Vice President.

How does CNN cover this nuclear-grade incompetence by this serially-incompetent Democratic administration?

Exactly. By claiming it's the GOP's fault.  Truly stunning.