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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Paris, Coulter, and Trump

Last Friday night Ann Coulter reacted to the vicious razzia against Paris by declaring that Donald Trump had just won the U.S. Presidential election, which doesn’t actually take place for almost another year.  I think I understand what she means, she has a very good point, and she may well be correct.

Consider:  The Obama administration is actually accelerating the immigration to America of thousands of Syrian men, and the President is allowing the word to go out he may unilaterally close the prison at Guantanamo and, contrary to law, move a bunch of Islamic terrorists from the offshore military prison to places here on the U.S. mainland.  Immediately after the Paris attack, Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, declared the EU would make no change to its current policy of letting unidentified young Muslims simply walk into Europe by the hundreds of thousands.  Twenty four hours after the Islamist carnage in Paris, the three politicians running for the Democratic nomination for President reportedly made it through an entire two hour debate without a single one uttering the word Islamist.

What people in the West are witnessing is an increasingly shocking divide between what we see with our own eyes, and what our so-called leaders tell us is happening.  Islamist forces have been making jihad against us for decades now, and have inflicted thousands upon thousands of casualties, yet the Western world is still led by people who refuse to acknowledge we are being attacked in a religious war.  This cannot go on forever and it won’t.  And as Mark Steyn has pointed out, if respectable politicians refuse to discuss what must be discussed, then unrespectable politicians will fill the gap.  The more the Western political class repeats nonsense such as that Islam is a “religion of peace”, or that we have no choice but to allow millions of “migrants” to come into our lands just because they demand it, the more certain it becomes that a Donald Trump will become President of the United States.