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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

It's because I'm black, isn't it?

Kevin Williamson writes the best paragraph on the internet today:

The sage marketing wisdom is: “Under-promise and over-deliver.” That was hardly an option for Obama, who promised, quite literally (literally, Mr. Vice President!), a sea change. When you are billing yourself as the fulfillment of Hegelian capital-H history, as not only a redeemer of nations but a healer of planets, it gets a little awkward when you have to spend most of your administration explaining why the economy still kind of sucks and the secretary of state feels the need to lie about everything from the murder of diplomatic personnel to the fact that she’s storing state secrets in the crapper. If you had bought shares in Obama As Advertised and then had to sell them at the price of Obama In Fact, you’d know what it felt like to be running a mortgage-derivative fund back in 2008.

Read the whole thing here.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Trump vs. Krauthammer. Forget it Doc; you can't win.

At National Review, Charles Krauthammer excoriates the absurdity of Donald Trump’s call to ban Muslims from entry into the United States:

“I decline to join the chorus denouncing the Trump proposal as offensive and un-American. That’s too obvious. What I can’t get over is its sheer absurdity.”

Leave alone the somewhat dodgy assumption the proposal is "un-American".  Is it important that the proposal is absurd?  It may be - may be - absurd.  But there are any number of non-absurd reasons to for Trump to have made the proposal.  To roll just a few off the top of my head, by making this proposal, Trump is at one stroke:

… channeling the outrage of a population that is being told to stop being bigots, when they are not in fact bigots and they are in fact the ones under attack.

… moving the entire range of debate terms onto ground that a few days ago was untouchable, sacred territory.  Territory where Trump dominates and all the others fear to tread.  We will now – finally - be discussing exactly which people we ought to be excluding from entry and we all know damn well they will be Muslims.

… trolling his opponents into making very stupid comments that signal to the public that Trump’s opponents have no real intention of addressing the public’s concerns.  That it is un-American to try to keep jihadis out of America is tough sale to make for Presidential candidates.  I look forward to hearing some of them try to make it.

Why does Trump do stuff like this?  Seriously?  If he wants to win this election, why would he ever stop?