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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

It already is worse.

Breitbart London reports that German police are ordered to under-report or misreport the extensive criminal activities of the invading Saracen hordes (drolly referred to as “refugees” ) who are sweeping over what used to be the heart of Christendom.  A sample: 
“The officer told the paper the public do not get an accurate idea of what is really happening in the migrant crime wave, because events are mis-reported by police to prevent outrage.”
 “If a refugee wants to escape our control, we can’t even detain him. This is dictated from above. To do so would be physical violence”.
 “Bernd revealed “95 percent of refugees are single men”.”
The entire piece is worth reading.  A lot of us on the right have been predicting this is going to get much worse.  I’m now starting to think it already is much worse.  We just don’t know the extent of it yet.  I wonder if we are going to see European politicians hanging from lampposts before 2016 is out?

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