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Thursday, February 25, 2016

NPR, same as it ever was: anti-American and pro-Commie.

A segment of last night’s “All Things Considered” on NPR was an almost perfect example of NPR doing what it does best with your tax dollars:  outrageously mislead you in order  to cover for Lefty tyrants, and try to make you feel guilty about not being a poverty-stricken third-worlder with no particularly marketable skills.  All while sounding pleasant and reasonable.

According to NPR, you may be happy about the price of oil, but what about all those people in countries like Nigeria, Columbia, and Venezuela, who evidently can’t do a damn thing other than wait for their governments to give them some of the money they get by overcharging rich Westerners for oil?  Sure, you saving a buck or two per gallon is nice, but compared to the rest of the world, Americans are really kind of rich.  If you are an average, private-sector American who hasn’t really had a raise in years, you’re still better off than poor Pedro who lives in some slum outside of Caracas, and really needs the money more than you do. 

And let’s ignore that the economy of Venezuela has been destroyed by two Lefty tyrants in a row.  The current one, a former bus-driver I believe, has a daughter who is now a billionaire, but I’m sure that sort of thing has nothing to do with what might be going on in the Venezuelan economy.  Seriously, NPR did not even mention any of this.  From listening to this NPR propaganda, the listener could conclude Venezuela's problem is purely a function of low oil prices.  Nothing to do with the Commie Ralph Kramden who runs the joint.  Shame on you, America:  Your finally reasonable prices at the gas pump are being paid for by poor Pedro in Caracas.

I hope you feel bad.  And don’t forget to send NPR a check during their next fund-raising week.

Here it is, if you want to listen to it:  Oil Producing Nations Struggle to Cope with Falling Prices