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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Belgium, Islam, and the Western Press

There’s already an opinion piece at Washington Post titled "Why is Brussels under attack?"

It contains this clumsy and interesting compound sentence: 

“A growing right-wing political movement in Belgium has led to feelings of division in the country; Some Muslims say that a 2012 ban on Islamic veils such as burqas and niqabs in public spaces is a sign of their community's alienation from the Catholic mainstream.”

This sentence comes right after mention of high Muslim unemployment, and the “competitive disadvantage” Muslims find themselves in, in the Belgian job market.  That is, in attempting to answer the "why" in the article's title, the article begins with the plight of the poor Muslims, and then immediately blames a “growing right-wing political movement” for “feelings of division”. 

Oh, and 2012.  Keep that year in mind for a minute.  This stuff is outrageous.  For readers who bother going further, they find the following:
  • “Molenbeek's links to radicalized groups have long been known.”
  • “[F]unding from Saudi Arabia and other wealthy Persian Gulf states in the 1970s…was used to set up conservative religious schools in the area.” [emphasis added]
  • “A decade ago…a popular newspaper series…showed disillusioned young Muslims were being influenced by radical preachers.”
  • “[T]here is a whole generation waiting to participate in these actions."

I’m just a simple, Bible-thumping, conservative, American gun owner, but I would love to know how a so-called right-wing burqa ban three years ago can take the lead in being blamed for some Saudi-funded radical shit that goes back to almost the middle of the last century?  This article is simply another example of the mainstream Western press’s ongoing attempt to sugar-coat jihad and unchecked third-world immigration, and to libel any attempts to either defend against the former, or control of the latter.

No wonder that here in the U.S., the Trump Train keeps rolling.

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