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Monday, March 21, 2016

What's missing from this Trump Analysis?

At the Washington Post’s Wonkblog, Jim Tankersley argues the  GOP "created" Donald Trump 15 years ago
“Urged on by their presidential standard-bearer, Texas Gov. George W. Bush, and by nearly all of the business lobbyists who represented the core of the party’s donor class, three-quarters of House Republicans voted to extend the status of permanent normal trade relations to China. They were more than enough, when added to a minority of Democrats, to secure passage of a bill that would sail through the Senate and be signed into law by President Bill Clinton.
“The legislation, a top Republican priority, held the promise of greater economic prosperity for Americans. But few could predict that it would cause a series of economic and political earthquakes that has helped put the GOP in the difficult spot it is in today(.)” 
Maybe.  But interestingly,  even though Trump exploded onto the presidential campaign stage by grabbing ownership of a related but different issue, Tankersley doesn’t mention it:  illegal immigration.

A lot of jobs went to China 15 years ago, and in the last 15 years a lot of other jobs have in fact been created in America (as the Obama administration is constantly reminding us).  But there are tens of millions of illegal immigrants competing with high-school educated Americans for those jobs.  Illegal immigration is the issue that originally got the TrumpTrain ™ started, not China trade.

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