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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Whiteness and Donald Trump

Last night, I went to bed after 1:00 AM.  The election had not yet been called for Trump, though it was looking pretty good by then.  It is now about 3:00 PM, or 15:00, which is to say, around fourteen hours later.  And there already seems to be a coalescing in the media about what caused Donald Trump to win the election.  It was whiteness.

Seriously.  Though the GOP has run white, male presidential candidates in every election since Abraham Lincoln, and though we lost the last two elections by running white men against the only half-white Barack Obama, this particular election was won by Donald Trump because of 'whiteness'.  If you disagree or, if, like any normal person who thinks about it for even a moment, you cannot quite figure out what the hell that even means, then, well, it’s probably because you are simply irredeemably racist.

This is what the Left has decided is the great lesson learned from the election of a loud, brazen, non-political amateur to the most powerful political office in the history of humanity.  The reason a 71 year-old rookie defeated the other party, half of his own party, most of the non-law-enforcement federal civil service, Wall Street, the Western media, the American academy, and all right-thinking people everywhere is that he is white.  As also, incidentally, was his opponent.

The imbecility on display here is too depressing for more words.